Use Optimal Resume to Practice:


The interview prep module makes it easy to refine your interviewing skills from the comfort of your own home or office.

You control all aspects of your interview practice session, including the interview type, the number of questions, your response format, and the interviewer.

There are a variety of interview types from which to choose. A brief description of each interview type is provided. The “Build Your Own” interview type allows you to select the specific questions you want to include in your interview.

Each practice session can include a maximum of 20 interview questions.

There are four ways to record your interview responses: Spoken and Video Recorded, Spoken Only, Written, and No Response. For spoken responses, you must have your own microphone. For video recorded options, you must have your own webcam.

For Spoken, Video Recorded, and Spoken Only interviews, you’ll first need to click “Allow” to give the program access to your computer’s drivers. Then you’ll need to configure your camera and/or microphone settings by selecting your webcam and microphone from their respective drop-down menus. Speak normally into your microphone and use the scroll bar to set the activity level to around 50% for best results.

Recording your interview is easy. Hit “Play Question” to begin, then hit the “record” button to begin recording your response. You have a maximum of two minutes to respond to each question. When you’re done, click the Stop button. Afterward, you can Save, Redo, or Replay your response.

To move to other questions on the list, you can use the Next and Previous question buttons, or you can click on individual questions. You can record responses in any order you like.

Written interviews work a little differently. Instead of using a camera to record your response, you write a response for every question. No response interviews allow you to simply view and listen to the questions.

Regardless of how or if you choose to record your answers, make sure to utilize the Virtual Coaching function. We have developed a customized strategy for each question to help you highlight your relevant experiences in a well-rounded response.

When you’re done with your interview, you can preview your responses by clicking the Preview button. All your practice sessions are archived in the Document Center, and you can use the “share” button to share your practice sessions with mentors or colleagues.

*The Career Service Office coordinates quarterly mock interview opportunities for up and coming graduates. See your advisor for more info.

For more information, contact:

Robert Mills